What is on your bucket list?  Maybe a run/walk in the woods with no clothes.  Feel the Freedom!  Make your plans to be here for 2017!  The first run was a great success, 2015, and 2016 was awesome and we look forward to 2017!  

$100.00 to the person that can beat 2016's 1st Place Run time!

There is no pavement, only trails and dirt roads. Runners need to keep their eyes on the trails as nature is dynamic and can produce some last minute obstacles. There will be volunteers to guide you and the water station is just across the dam.  Roots from trees are marked with orange paint to help avoid any tripping, ankle injuries, or falling down.

Trails are open from April 1st till the event day,  so come and check them out before the

day of the 5K Boo Run!


1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Winning Times

Runners:                           Walkers:

1. 19:15                               1. 46:13

2. 24:03                               2. 53:35

3. 24:11                               4. 53:37

     Some proceeds from event will be donated to:

For more information,

Contact:  Hidden Lake @ 850-910-1494


Contact us for reservations at 850-910-1494.

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A 5-K Trail run starting in the campground and going through the wooded trails.  All paid registrants will receive a Hidden Lake Tushie towel!

Bring your sunscreen and running shoes. 
Early Entry Fee:  $30.00 

Day of Event Fee: $35.00

Start Time: 10:30 AM

Enjoy the run and stay all day for one fee!  There will be a potluck dinner and music in the evening.  Bring your tents or campers and enjoy the Resort. Call for reservations.

Click on button above to find out more about Operation Outdoor Freedom.

4th Annual 5-K Boo Run/Walk 

October 21, 2017