Hidden Lake promotes a safe and friendly way of life, therefore our club does not support the swingers' lifestyle. Nudity and sex are not one and the same.  Sexual activity and sexually explicit language is not allowed except in the privacy of your tent or camper.  Please treat all you meet with respect.  Our principles, standards and guidelines are based on common sense and courtesy.  We hope you enjoy your visit and return often.  To assure our member's and guests have a safe and enjoyable time here we do have a few rules.  

PHOTOGRAPHY:  We welcome you to take pictures of the beautiful land, lake and wildlife you will experience while here but photo's and/or video of other guests is strictly prohibited without written consent.  (see office for form)

TOWELS:  Carry a towel with you at all times and Please sit on your own towel at all times when nude for sanitary reasons.

SWIMMING/BOATING: There is no lifeguard on duty at the Lagoon so swim at your own risk.  Chairs are provided but again please be sure to use your towel.  Swimming in the lake is prohibited due to the wildlife that considers it home.  Paddle boats are provided to enjoy the beauty of the Lake, please see the office prior to use.  Motorized boats and personal watercraft of any kind is not allowed.

SMOKING is allowed in outdoor area's only, not in any buildings.  Please be considerate of others on the club house deck during eating times.

PETS:  Your pet's are welcome here but by law must be restrained at all times and cleaned up after.  We want all of our guests to enjoy themselves and by keeping your pet leashed avoids any disturbance.  Pet's are not allowed in any community building including the Clubhouse and Bathhouse and not allowed at the Lagoon.  Noisy or aggressive pets are not welcome.

The Clubhouse is open to anyone who wants to use it at any time during normal hours,  we just ask you clean up when you leave.   Please be as quiet as possible between the hours of 11:00 pm and 8 am.  Do not play your TV or radio loud enough to disturb your neighbors.

Rules    Principles, Standards and Guidelines

                          For Your Comfort & Convenience