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2024 is starting up, check back for what's been happening here at HLR

Stuff That happened Last summer 2023

Joy Ride
Trail Ride
Birthday 'Cake'
Viewing the lake
Band Stage
Lake View
Buns out at the Blue Moon Lagoon
Joy Ride
Mini Bike fun
Skinny Dip Dinner, "All things dippin'"
Skinny Dip Dinner, "All things dippin'"
Sunrise over the lake
Birthdays are special
Lake View
Lake View
The Blue Moon Lagoon
View of both the Lake and The Blue Moon Lagoon
Front Gate
Hidden Lake Resort, sign at entrance
The New Store, coming soon
View from the Clubhouse back deck
Tent City
All things Hidden Lake Resort
Rainbow over Hidden Lake Resort
Lake Life
another lake view
Lake view
Lake view and Clubhouse
Dog Friendly
5K Runs and Trail overview
Ice is available and Fishing Cleaning Station
Trail View
Lake view
Be careful, wink wink!
Blue Moon Lagoon
Hidden Lake Resort
Game Area
The Naked DJ - every Saturday Night
Clubhouse back deck
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